Thursday, July 12, 2012

Revlon Triple Action Conditioning Straightener Review

The Revlon Triple Action Conditioning Straightener is the first hair iron I've owned that can be used with wet hair as well as dry hair.  I was excited to try such an innovative product, especially since it's not fun having to dry your hair or wait for it to dry before straightening it.

This beautiful piece of equipment has a really classy design.  The deep red color gives it a sleek appearance.  It's easy to operate; there is only one switch with three different settings.  The swivel cord provides ease of use without the annoyance of a tangled, twisted cord.  And since the iron is thicker than most, it doesn't get too hot on the outside so your hand won't burn if you hold it near the top.  The one aspect about the design I wasn't thrilled with was that the bottom isn't flat, so it often tipped over when I set it down during use.

Of the three settings on this Revlon straightener, the first is "ultrasonic".  This feature can be used with wet hair after leave in conditioner has been applied, and leaves hair healthy and rehydrated.  This is excellent for using on damaged hair or hair that you want to keep healthy and shiny.  "Heat" is the second feature, and works like traditional hair irons to straighten dry hair.  The ceramic plates heat up to 400 degrees and always left my hair looking healthy and hydrated after use.  "Ultrasonic + heat" is the third setting, which is used to rehydrate and straighten hair.  Ultrasonic waves condition your hair as it is straightened.  Although especially great for dry hair, I used this feature on wet hair, too.  It straightens, rehydrates, and dries hair all at the same time.  It did take longer than usual to straighten my hair using this method, and I find this feature to be most effective on dry hair.

This innovative tool would be an excellent choice for anyone who loves to straighten their hair, but doesn't want to damage it in the process.  Or if your hair has already been damaged, this would be a great straightener to rehydrate your hair and make it look healthy again.

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  1. If only I had the time to straighten ... this would be wonderful.

    Delighted to meet you today. I hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you. This looks like a refreshing spot to dip into some serious goodness.



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